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11 January 2021 18:51:39 (11 January 2021 19:13:26)
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Stadium 2020  
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Platform Slope Road Bumper NoGrip Grid ForceAccel NoSteering

This is a set of Stadium Special items I originally made for the Nations Converter tool.

The set includes 5 different types of physics.

These 3 can be reset by a Checkpoint or a Reset block:

NoGrip - These make your car lose most of its grip. It's a little like driving on ice.

ForceAccel - This makes it impossible to brake, and keeps the accelerator pressed.

NoSteering - This removes the ability to steer left or right.

And these 2 will make your car immediately bump up into the air:

Bumper1 - A small bump into the air

Bumper2 - A big bump into the air

I made some slight modifications to these versions, so they're not 100% the same as the ones that come with the converter tool.

All items in the set can be embedded for 811 KBs.

The items range in embed size from about 19 to 32 KBs.

Unzip the items into Documents\Trackmania\Items\Stadium\StadiumSpecials
Restart your game. In the map editor you'll find the items under the Items menu (F3) under "Custom"

Bonus feature: Every item has two pivot points; one at Platform/Road height and another at PlatformBase/TrackWall height. You can switch between the pivot points by pressing Q.

In some cases, I used the simplified bases from other creators in the Nations Converter project. So thanks to them for those base items.

Thanks also to DMW and florenzius for the design of the NoGrip, ForceAccel, and NoSteering graphics, which can originally be found in the TMOne Alpine and TMOne Speed titlepacks.

The general colors and design of the Bumper items comes from the official blocks in TM2 Stadium.

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