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Hi guys i'm Teroor. A trackmaniac since 2005 played all of them TMPU/ TMS/ TMSX/ TMUF/ TM2 C/ V/ S/ L. I always loved to push the editor to his limit and map with it. I've make my name known a bit on Coast environment using blocmix in a way not seen before (743 awards recieved), since then i played a lot of canyon in competitiv way the 2 first years of it and make a lot of canyon maps. Since then i'm more in the shadows mapping for some competitions or just playin for fun.

In TM2020 i want to give all the work i begin (and never finish) in TM2 stadium with my blocs. When everything will be finish i will have publish more than 300 blocs.

In the meantime i will upload sets slowly to make sure finish it correctly.

TMX page: https://united.tm-exchange.com/main.aspx?action=tracksearch&mode=1&id=2579592

MX page: https://tm.mania.exchange/tracksearch2?mode=1&authorid=2425

TMX2020 page: https://trackmania.exchange/mapsearch2?mode=1&authorid=2425

U can find my maps for TM2020 online on the NOVA club Solo and Live and on the EVO servers ICE and DIRT.

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