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Our mission statement...

Welcome to ItemExchange, a community driven website!

Our mission is to:

  • Foster a community spirit conducive to the exchange of ideas
  • Empower creators to share their content with others
  • Be a destination for mappers to find the blocks and items they need
  • Most importantly, we’re all here to enjoy the game!

On ItemExchange you can...

  • Upload items, blocks, or sets built in any ManiaPlanet title, or in Trackmania.
  • Download items, blocks, or sets from other creators
  • Like an upload to show your appreciation for it
  • Leave comments on an item or set page, in the form of feedback or appreciation.
  • Add an author to favorites to keep up with their map releases.



  • We strongly encourage the use of English in all public areas of ItemExchange. This makes it easier for an international audience to communicate on the site. Regardless of the language you use, please try to write with proper grammar, punctuation and spelling so others can easily use a translation tool if needed.


  • Please use icons for your items. You can easily auto-generate them in-game using the Item Editor. Set your icons during day mood.


  • Uploading a screenshot with a set will provide that screenshot to all item pages. You can additionally add specific screenshots to each item page to show how that item can be used in a map.


  • Show appreciation for the items you enjoy using by liking them. This is also your opportunity to provide constructive feedback about the map. Tell the author what specific parts were fun and well made or what can be improved. Liking items can help others discover items they might enjoy using.

Mat Files

  • Don't upload items that require .mat.gbx files. We do not support them.


Content should be suitable for all ages

  • No inappropriate content
  • No foul language

Treat others with respect

  • Don’t insult, flame, or troll other users
  • Don’t threaten others with violence or harassment
  • Don’t impersonate other people
  • Don’t upload other people's creations, or modifications of their creations, without permission
  • If you find a modded version of one of your creations (and you want it taken down): report it, and the IX staff will deal with it.

Keep it honest

  • Don’t upload, link to, or use, cheats or harmful game exploits
  • Don’t link to illegal downloads of software or music
  • Don’t "like" an item if you participated in the creation of it
  • Like only the items that you believe deserve it

Don’t be a backseat moderator (trying to enforce the rules yourself).

See something? Say something. Report it to the moderators.

The ItemExchange crew reserves the right to edit, remove, or hide any content we deem inappropriate.