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Water & Beach Vibes

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06 November 2020 14:24:35 (09 November 2020 12:45:04)
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Stadium 2020  
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Terrain Grass Beach Tree Water Air Boat UnderGround

Folder location: C:\Users\ [USER] \Documents\Trackmania\Items\Water & Beach Vibes

Water Park Notes:

  • The size of the waterpark itself isn't life-size to make it more driveable.
  • As of today, if you use the dark green fast grass material in the Mesh Modeler you will get the physics of light green slow grass. This could be fixed with making a custom material with the texture of fast grass and physics of fast grass, were it not for the subsequent shader/lightmap issues. If you really want the fast grass, use my 1227 kB water park, where I added an invisible fast grass physics layer over the slow grass. Or if you are approaching the 2 MB size limit and want the 955 kB water park, just edit the material of the grass yourself to one you like (for example PlatformTechPlatformGrass).

If you use this pack make sure to send me your tracks so I certainly don't miss them. I can't wait to play them. :)

Bonus: The size of all items together is less than the 2 MB limit! :) (1,8 MB for the small water park vs 2,1 MB for the big water park)

Enjoy this pack!

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