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Corkscrew Platform Pack

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11 October 2020 15:43:50 (11 October 2020 15:43:50)
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Stadium 2020  
6425 KB
Platform Ramp Slope Dirt Grass Banked Ice

The new trackmania has the ability to rotate roads and create slanted raceways, unfortunately it lacks the ability to transition cleanly from flat to tilted roads. This set is one of three sets that adds the ability to smoothly corkscrew most of the common raceway blocks to meet up with slanted roads, or to just keep rotating and thus creating a full corkscrew.

Corkscrew Sets

The corkscrew sets contain:

  • Three speeds of rotation for each block.
  • The ability to rotate in either direction.
  • The ability to rotate around either the side or the center of the block.

This is a lot of versatility and should thus accomidate mostly whatever you want to do with corkscrewing.

The three sets are designed to be installed together. They had to be split up because the full set contains too many items to upload as one set.


  • Download the zip file
  • Open the zip file
  • You should see that it contains a single folder named "Corkscrew"
  • Open your computer's Documents folder
  • You will see a folder named "Trackmania". Open this.
  • Within the trackmania folder you will see a folder named "Items". Open this.
  • Drag the folder named "Corkscrew" directly into the Items folder.
  • If you already have one of the other Corkscrew sets installed this process is the same. Windows will cleanly merge the Corkscrew folders and all the corkscrew items will be nicely bundled together in the editor.


It is highly recommended that you read the names of the folders when putting together a corkscrew. There are a lot of items in this pack, but they are structured quite well.

First you select the type of block you want to corkscrew, then you select whether to pivot on the center or side, and finally you select a rotation speed from [-45, -30, -15, 45, 30, 15]. Positive numbers indicate rotating clockwise by that number of degrees and negative numbers indicate rotating counterclockwise.

Once you have selected the parameters of your corkscrew you will be presented with three items. The first item smoothly transitions the rotation speed of the corkscrew from not rotating to rotating at full speed. The second item is the main body of the corkscrew. You can repeat this item as many times as you like to make the corkscrew longer. The third item smoothly transitions the rotation speed back to zero.

For example, let's say you wanted an asphalt platform corkscrew that rotates at 45 degrees per block around the center of the platform. You would navigate the folders as such:

Corkscrew -> Platform -> Asphalt-> Center Pivot -> 45

You would see three items here. The first item smoothly transitions into the corkscrew, so you would place that down first and attach it to the rest of your raceway. Then you would select the second item, and repeat this item as many times as you want, rotating the item so that it connects smoothly to the rest of the corkscrew. In this case since we are rotating 45 degrees a block you will need to rotate three steps at a time (as each of Trackmania's rotation steps is 15 degrees). Then when you are finished with your corkscrew you would place down the third item, which smoothly ends the corkscrew. Then you can continue on your raceway as normal.

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