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 Australia PangoLynne

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29 May 2020 23:40:20
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Hello there!

I'm PangoLynne, from Melbourne, Australia. I started playing TrackMania around 2004-ish with TM PowerUp, later becoming active in the community in late 2007 when I played Nations and United.

I joined the Mania Exchange crew in June 2017 as a host of the weekly MX Knockouts, later becoming the primary host and map tester for the events. I also occasionally host and/or judge events such as the Monthly Track Contests.

There won't be much activity from me on this site, as I don't work much with the mesh modeler, and if I do, it's usually a one-off creation for a specific track.

Extra Links:

United TMX

Mania Exchange

TM2020 TMX


Discord: PangoLynne #7986

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