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 ItemExchange release MEGATHREAD
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ItemExchange release MEGATHREAD  

Welcome to ItemExchange

The new home for Track- and Shootmania items. Here you'll be able to upload, share, download and rate items, blocks, macroblocks, sets and more.

There are a few new things compared to the MX you're used to I want to summarize:

  • Brand new Gbx Parser by   Solux
  • Completely reworked base-site using ManiaExchange components
  • New style-base for future MX pages
  • Bye BBCode, Hi Markdown!
  • Mobile browsing compability
  • No more image dimension limitation - only filesize and aspect ratio
  • More use of soft-popup boxes instead of page changes
  • Brand new uploader with live status updates and enhanced debugging

Here's a list of ItemExchange's main features:

  • New uploader: Batch upload your items and get live status updates
    • Upload *.Gbx files and .zip files that can contain multiple .gbx files (= sets)
    • Live status updates will be shown during the upload
  • Get the most out of your items, blocks, macroblocks...
    • You will be able to have a fully fledged info page about your item including
      • icon
      • description
      • maps, that use the item
      • comments and likes for your item
    • ability to share your item on social media using opengraph support
    • your items will receive a score based on the amount of times it has been used and their maps awarded
  • Have multiple items? Upload a .zip set!
    • A set can contain multiple items and aggregates the scores from these
    • A set can have up to 5 images, that will also be shown on the item pages!
    • Visitors can browse through your set's directories and download single items out of your set if needed
  • Searching by name is yesterday - Tags!
    • Based on the name of your items, items and sets will automatically receive up to 8 tags
    • These tags will make it easier to find your items
    • Sets will receive tags based on the amount of times the tags occur in their items
    • The tags are managed by the IX moderators - to keep them simple
    • Regex code by   Solux
  • Need a custom block that fits to the one you're thinking of?
  • Check out the block browser - you can navigate to the block of your choice using a familiar menu

Development of the page started in August 2019 and ended today, at the 29th of May 2020. The project was kicked off and lead from start to finish by   Ozon and immensly supported by   Solux,    eyebo,   xrayjay and later   ThaumicTom.

We want to thank you for supporting the project from the stands and we hope you like what we have created.

Test1 test2

Happy meshing, happy modelling and happy mapping!

- the ItemExchange team

Last edited by Ozon,

Location: DE

wow, I am surprised.

Thanks a lot for this important site and I hope that a lot of users, players, mappers, modders will have attention here.

You guys keep this game alive.

Greetings Nibor

A job well done!  

Easy to use, nice filtering options and a detailed tutorial for creating items! Awesome!