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Lagoon Deco Ship

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Ramp Deco Boat

TM Lagoon Deco Ship :

For Canyon:

-Mesh by Nadeo

-Retexturing the original versions + add several versions by me

-Many posiblity for cutsom your map , objects, just check items & pic

-Made from canyon vanilla texture, works very well as scenery or as a platform for your maps

This set contains:

Ship Deco:

  • All parts have 3 versions & each version is in 3 separate parts ( 1 boat tilted left side, 1 right side, 1 or boat in normal position )
  • Part 1 : v1 & v2 ( ground of Ship ) diffference of texture for this part
  • Part 2 : Middle block ( for ramp car )
  • Part 3: front of Boat

Ship Lite Deco:

  • IDEM, but block is is lightened (removal of useless objects in the 3 parts of the boat), allowing the weight of the item to be halved.


  • Contains all the objects on the separate boats


  • Contains all the original container layouts for the lagoon boat block to be placed on top of the ramp block ( part 2 )

Next update if I'm motivated:

  • Make the last 2 blocks ( ramp + terrain together in 1 block)
  • Make a system of start, end and finish points (you can place them yourself among some of the objects on the itemexchange)

Don't forget us arrow for moove your item and + & - too

ex dor deco in your map

Items added to the boat are here: https://item.mania.exchange/set/view/11012

The pretzel on the side is here: https://item.mania.exchange/set/view/11290

Visual :

Ship Deco presentation:

Part 1-2-3 assembly normal bord:

Part 1-2-3 assembly right bord;

Part 1-2-3 assembly with containers example:

Containers parts:

Objects Parts:

HF :)


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