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ShootMania items port

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22 June 2022 18:05:16 (22 June 2022 18:05:16)
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Start Checkpoint Platform Slope Bridge Loop Pillar Wood Concrete

This item pack is an (almost) direct dump of ShootMania items.

It contains:

  • Clips (that goes on the sides of blocks, some are of different materials)
  • Magnets (with the rails)
  • Wood (slippery)
  • Platform (with different materials)
  • Special (contains special items such as gravity changer, grapling hook or even a CP that you can place on platform blocks)

You can find 2 types of walls:

  • Normal one (wood)
  • Powerblock one (will bounce you farther)

You can find 2 types of grapling hooks in the Special folder:

  • One yellow with no power
  • One red with power that will drag you to it

You can find multiple types of platform blocks, including special ones such as a powerblock that will make you jump high and a zoom block that will prevent you from jumping but will allow you to zoom in. Sand and Grass will slow you down.

Gravity changer works by how and at what angle you walk and exit that block. Example: If you rotate this item 90° and walk on it, gravity will be applied sideways. If you put it upside down, gravity will be set upside down. And of course, if you put it flat, gravity will return to normal.

IMPORTANT: CP will work as a trigger (and will prevent cut) but you won't be able to respawn. This is a limitation of Trackmania, not a limitation of the item itself.

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