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Platform Transition Slope Dirt Grass Ice Concrete

Set stage, you are walking home from the store and a dark and mysterious stranger calls out to you from an alley as you pass by.

"Oh hey, you there!" A dark stranger in an alley gestures for you to come closer.

He points right at you. "Yeah, you in that good looking t-shirt. I've got something to show you"

He then proceeds to open one side of his coat exposing some VERY shiny items. "Holy smokes kid, have I got some really nice items for you, come closer..."

As you approach, the man straightens up and takes a long puff on a dark and pungent cigar.

"I noticed you have the look of a professional mapper. I wonder if you have anything like these items in your folders, though."

Up close to the items now, you can see they are extremely well crafted. Your mind starts to race with all the possibilities you could create with these items in your toolbelt.

"I bet you are wondering now, why did I call you over to see these items?" He pauses just long enough to draw a long puff from his cigar.

"A trade is what I had in mind, a simple barter."

You tilt your head inquisitively, and hold eye contact. You dont recall how much cash is remaining in your wallet after purchasing your groceries but you hope it is enough for the items asking price.

He continues, "Nothing monetary, in fact it is even more simple than that. All I ask for in return for these items is that you click the Like button on this web page."

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