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18 September 2020 13:07:48 (18 September 2020 13:07:48)
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Stadium 2020  
4247 KB
Dirt Grass Beach Deco Ground Snow Ice Concrete

ModularTrench is a set of trench items for TM2020 based on TM² Stadium but fully modular (obvisouly...) which means you can mix all the env. YAY!

How to install the set? As there is block and items, extract the content of this ZIP file directly into your Trackmania folder (Documents\Trackmania or Documents\Trackmania2020). It will create a ModularTrench folder into the Items subfolder. The only block is actually a GroundRemover and you will find it under 12-1-4-3 in the map editor.

How to use the set?

  • The set contains the same trenches than Stadium except the loop one and the TrenchToDirt since it is a modular set and not just dirt trenches and the transition with nadeo dirt blocks is a bit tricky. Still some adjustments had to be done to fit the new TM2020 road.
  • Each trench item is actually composed of 3 sub-parts (image 2). To create the complete item, you have to place the zBlock, then place the sides and the tops by aiming the center road of the zBlock with your mouse.
  • Each item has two pivot positions in order to match the Platform height and the decoWall/stadium ground height. You can switch between them by pressing Q (qwerty) or A (azerty). If you want to go under the stadium ground, you will need to use the GroundRemover block first.
  • There is 9 top sub-parts: ice, dirt, grass, concrete, snow, sand, decoGrass, decoWall and groundGrass, each with their own physics (image 3).
  • There is 7 side sub-parts: ice, dirt, grass and concrete. I added 3 colored concrete in addition to default one (image 4). Why? Why not actually... And because all that grey is depressing.
  • I did not add walls around the trenches because, well, these are trenches and supposed to be underground. ;)
  • There is an Extras folder containing a start arch and a CP arch, you can place them by aiming the center road in the trench (like sides and tops) and can be placed anywhere even in turns. There is also a trench clip if you want to create a dead end trench and a road clip.
  • In addition to the default stadium blocks, I added three trench-to-road transitions (image 5): a straight one (based on a custom TM² items made by TrackmaniaDude) and the down version of TrenchToRoad and TrenchToRoadX2.
  • Also, there is some special straight trenches: turbo 1 & 2, boost 1 & 2. No negative ones because you can use the rings!

Here is a short video that shows how to assemble the 3 sub-parts.

Here is a showcase map.

Have fun and happy mapping !

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