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Platform Connectors (All 2376 items)

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Platform Dirt Grass Ice Concrete

THIS IS PART 1 of 12

Please also download and unzip in Documents\Trackmania\Items\PlatformConnectors the following sets:

PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 - PART 8 - PART 9 - PART 10 - PART 11 - PART 12

The complete collection is available to download in one click from my club voblivion (WIP, current version on my club may have issues).

All 2376 (594 per material) possible auto-generated 1x1 blocks to connect smoothly between nadeo platforms. They should connect perfectly (shape-wise) with existing platforms and are partially optimized to remove unnecessary vertices/faces.

What is included


A border represent the edge of a block. Platforms have been generated for any valid combinations using the following borders :

  • Flat
  • Small (S) slope (with flat ends)
  • Ramp start
  • Ramp end
  • Big (S) slope (with flat ends)
  • Straight (/) slope


  • Tech -> PlatformTech
  • Grass -> CustomDirt (0xFA5530, ingame suggested color)
  • Grass -> CustomIce (0xDFFFFE, ingame suggested color)
  • Grass -> CustomGrass (0x80EA4D, ingame suggested color)

How to use

Borders naming

Border names are divided in 4 numbers XY_ZW.

  • X & Y represent the slope at start and end of the border (0 = flat, 1 = semi/bi-slope, 2 = standard slope)
  • Z & W represent how many block border goes up and forward (one block = 8 units for up and 32 units for forward)

Platforms naming

Each platform is named after its 4 borders starting by the lowest corner and going counter-clockwise. If border is reversed (= needs to go down), an "f" is added at its end. In case a platform has multiple corners at same lowest altitude, the most clockwise one is chosen as starting point.

Folder sorting

Platforms are placed in folders according to their first 2 borders.

Ex: Let's say you need a dirt platform to connect a small slope going up followed by a ramp start going up, then a big slope going down and finally a flat border. The lowest corner will be where the flat border starts and you will encounter borders as follow :

  • flat (flat ends, 0 up + 1 forward : 00_01)
  • small slope up (00_11)
  • small slope up (02_11)
  • big slope down(00_21f)

Therfor the block should be : 00_01/00_11/PlatformConnector-Dirt-00_01-00_11-02_11-00_21f

Other platforms

If you need to generate a platform between custom curves or custom materials, you can do it yourself using my github or alternatively you can contact me so I do it for you.

ps: give it a like up if you appreciate the work :)

pps: currently exporting to default Dirt/Ice/Grass is too much work so instead I went for the Custom version of these materials, but if people really need it I'll think about it.

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